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Wholesale Accounts in California

If you are a prospective wholesale account in California, and you would like to sell our organic raw products, please submit your information on the below online form and a friendly Sales Associate will get back to you as soon as possible.  Once your request has been received, we will determine whether you are best served by our own Sales Reps with Organic Pastures direct delivery service or through one of our partnered distribution vendors.  We have the ability to service all wholesale or retail customers, large and small, and we look forward to connecting with you.  

Wholesale Accounts Outside California

If you are a prospective wholesale account outside of California, Organic Pastures Raw Cheese is available nationwide through KeHE Distribution. At this time, no other products are available outside of California.

Please request our Organic Pastures Raw Cheese products directly to KeHE Distribution or submit your Wholesale Request Form (Below) and we will reach out to KeHE Distribution.

We thank you for making the decision to join us in providing nutrient dense raw dairy products to your customers.


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