Dear ORGANIC PASTURES Raw Cheese Enthusiast,

Our family-owned business is excited to get to know you better! Whether we are new to your state with our Truly Raw Cheddar Cheese products or have been selling to your family for years in California, our family welcomes you to call us at 1-877-RAW-MILK (chat with any of our family members) or connect with us on any of our family-run social media pages! Yes, we are truly family owned. We are so very grateful for your continued support. We thoughtfully created this website (designed by one of our family members, Kaleigh Lutz) to give you a small glimpse into our customer connection and dedication to our promise to educate and promote healthy eating (cows and people, a like). Enjoy the website, feel free to message us directly if you have ANY questions!

-Family and Team of ORGANIC PASTURES

Fresno, CA