Raw Maple Whipped Cream

Looking for a little recipe that the kiddos will have fun helping out with? Look no further! 

We all deliberated and decided to try this recipe out at our homes and see how each ones turned out, and we all came back with a huge grin on our face. We loved it, our kids loved it, other family members loved eating it...there was a lot of love going on with this fun treat. 

It is tremendously easy to make. All you need is a pint-sized mason jar, and some heavy cream. Everything else is just added for taste. Those two though are the bare necessities (the simple bare necessities). Make sure you have chilled your jar for about 20 minutes in the freezer, and that your cream is nice and cold. Next, fill the jar right around halfway with cream (add some ingredients for flavor if desired), screw on the lid, and start shaking. It only takes about 5 minutes to start thickening up (you'll notice a change in the way it sounds in the jar, becoming more...swooshy). Take a peak, and if it is your desired consistency, that's it! If not, close up the lid, and shake a little longer. Be careful not to overshake though, that's how cream turns into butter. 

See how easy that was? And fun?
We hope you and your family enjoy making this as much as we did!