Raw Butter + Mashed Potatoes/Cauliflower

Everyone has their favorite side dish, ours just so happens to be mashed potatoes. It must be the Irish in some of us, but we just can not get enough of some delicious, yummy, mashed potatoes. Some people hate mashed potatoes though (we still can't fathom that) but if you are one of those, we are hoping to have found an alternative for you. 

It might sound a little odd...mashed cauliflower, but trust us, this stuff is delicious! Tastes almost as good as the real deal ;) 

You prepare it the same way you would mashed potatoes, simply substitute one for the other. Boil till soft, strain, mix in with butter, milk, and cream (Organic Pastures of course), combine some salt and pepper, and we like to add in a little cheese in the end to add some extra flavor. Give it a try next time!