World's Best Chocolate Warm Cocoa

Now that fall is in full swing, and winter is fast approaching, it only seems necessary that we provide you with a warm little treat that you can enjoy while snuggled up next to the fire. And as this is being typed, it is currently cloudy and rainy, so we see no better time to post this. 

We're hoping that, like us, you like your hot cocoa full of chocolatey deliciousness. If so, this is the recipe for you! 

First, start by gently warming your milk in a saucepan. We prefer using our Organic Pastures Whole Raw Milk when making hot cocoa, but it is 100% your preference (our skim milk can make a mean hot cocoa as well). If you're feeling decadent, mix in a splash of our raw cream. It makes the drink extra creamy...which we love. 

Keep a whisk or spoon on hand to stir the milk as it heats so that it doesn’t burn on the bottom of the pan.  Then once it’s warmed, turn off the heat and stir in the cocoa, sugar, vanilla extract, and salt.  A few notes about those ingredients:

  • Cocoa: we prefer to use the dark cocoa because we love the depth flavor it gives, but you can use any unsweetened cocoa.  You’ll notice the dark cocoa makes the hot chocolate look a little darker in color, too.
  • Sugar: You can also use more/less sugar to taste, or substitute in your desired kind of sugar or sweetener.  We prefer the “all things in moderation” rule with hot chocolate — opting for a smaller portion of the real deal rather than a larger portion with a sugar substitute — but go with whatever works for you!
  • Vanilla Extract: A “must” with this hot chocolate!  It rounds out the flavor perfectly.
  • Salt: All you need is a little pinch, but it helps bring out the flavor of the cocoa and vanilla.

We talk a lot about our homemade whipped cream (let's be honest, it's absolutely delicious) so of course we are going to mention putting some on top of this awesome hot cocoa. It's amazing, trust us. 

All you have to do now is top it with some more chocolate (it is called Chocolatey Chocolatey Hot Cocoa) and you are good to go.