The farm-to-table movement has grown tremendous momentum over the past decade. More farmers are connecting directly to their customer and reaching out via social media to new consumers. These efforts are done humbly to connect the customer to the roots of their products at the farm. We at ORGANIC PASTURES have been connecting with our customers since day one. We have built strong relationships; sometimes it feels more like family, with our customer base. Throughout our years as organic raw milk dairymen, we have heard thousands of powerful #rawmilk stories. We have shared laughs, tears, journeys, and much more together. These stories have pulled our family through difficult times and brought light to our lives.  The word gratitude only scratches the surface for our deep appreciation to our loyal and passionate customers.

This year, we have started a story-telling journey worth following called #rawpeople. This is more than a campaign, but a movement towards uniting the raw milk community to realize we have more in common than we could ever understand. We have selected 12 very different and special raw PEOPLE to help tell these beautiful stories. These are their stories. We are blessed to have been able to document and share them with you. We encourage you to follow along and share with others to help bridge the gap between raw milk and the misunderstandings have grown around it.  Together, we can educate our families, friends, and communities around us to understand the power of raw dairy and how our bodies are designed to thrive when consuming them.

Enjoy this year’s journey of stories and beautiful connecting moments.


January- About Nathan



When you wonder a farmer's market, you see and meet wonderful people. Nathan takes this role very seriously. He prides himself on the connections and voice he has.



A Route Driver has the difficult job to multi-task their day as they were many hats. Nathan balances it all with a smile and often a quart of raw milk in the cup holder.



Stores can be a tight space and Nathan somehow always seems to find each of our crates and never lets the product slip by unnoticed.



We know you want each product to be in fully supply, but did you know that Nathan cares so deeply that you get your beloved products that he has even driven BACK to the farm if he can assure full supply when he noticed that they were short on their load?

EU6C6184 (1).jpg


Nathan, such a beautiful soul. He prides himself as a humble man with a gentle spirit. We value all of his amazing qualities. I mean, look at that smile! Brightens anyone's gloomy morning.



"Dad" is a job that is Nathan's most important role. His two beautiful children are creative, smart, kind, adorable, and extremely well-mannered. We would say that he is an extraordinary father and we are proud to watch him grow into this role more and more each year.



A hobby has almost become a lost trade. People used to love their hobbies, but as we have become tech-savoy we have seen less and less of this. Nathan took up a wonderful hobby a few years back as a wood-maker and artisan spoon designer. He is humble with his skills, but we are blushing with joy watching him take on such a wonderful skill to calm his days and bring silence to his life in a world filled with hussle and bussle. 

February- Mountain People Organics (Coming Soon)