It all started WITH THEIR GRACE…

Whole raw milk is mother nature's most perfect creation. It is balanced, nutrient dense, and it comes from the most majestic mammals on the planet. When you visit our organic farm, you will be greeted by a herd of grass grazing beauties. If you have never met a cow in person, you will be delighted to learn that they are curious, kind, peaceful, and very friendly. Our family lives as neighbors to our happy California cows and we have gotten to know them extremely well. It is amazing what you learn about another species when they becomes your "hows is your day goin?" pals. We take great care and put tremendous thoughtful effort into how the cows live here with us on the farm. We invite you to come sit with the cows in the pasture and just hear their crunch, crunch sounds as they graze right on by. Oh, but do not mind their curious souls. They will 100%, without a doubt come and sniffle your hair and say "why, hello there!" to ya.

Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 6.48.52 PM.png

Our happy California cows graze using our unique and effective Mob-Grazing technique. Cows are moved every three hours to a different lush pasture. This allows the grass to quickly regrow since the cows only eat the nutrient-dense grass tips. We know our cows approve when their tails swing joyfully.

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Tiffy (the Jersey in the center) and her gal pals are our newest branded cows. They were drawn after actual cows that lives here on our farm ... Actually, Tiffy was named after one of our family members Tiffany.  When we were designing the new packaging and look, we decided to keep the cows looking as natural as possible. We wanted the packaging to feel just like it does when you are standing in our pastures. We hope you love it! We surely do.


What do you think?

Do you think Tiffy would approve of her portrait?