It Starts With the Cows

Whole raw milk is mother nature's most perfect creation. It is balanced, nutrient dense, and it comes from the most majestic mammals on the planet. You will be greeted by a herd of curious and kind grass-grazing beauties.

We take great care and effort in how the cows live. You are welcome to meet the cows in the pasture and see how peaceful they are in person. They very likely will come greet you at the fence.

Why Grass-Grazed is Good For You (365 Days a Year)

Grass-grazed cows produce milk that contains higher levels of vitamin A, CLA and Omega-3 fatty acids. Grass-grazing is good for carbon sequestration and contributes to a healthier environment.

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Our happy California cows graze using our unique and effective Mob-Grazing technique. Cows are moved every three hours to a different lush pasture. This allows the grass to quickly regrow since the cows only eat the nutrient-dense grass tips. We know our cows approve when their tails swing joyfully.

Meet Tiffy

Our real life Tiffy

Our real life Tiffy

Tiffy (the Jersey in the center our of labels) and her gal pals (3) are showcased on our packaging. The three beauties were drawn after actual cows that lives here on our farm. She was named after one of our family members Tiffany.  When you are on your farm tour see if you can find her.

Tiffy from Organic Pastures.png