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Water on our farm is never used for a single purpose. All of our operations recycle water used directly back into our soil, which reduces the use of fresh water for pasture irrigation. We believe that water is a natural resource that can be recycled.



Gravity is another important member on our team, as it starts the flow of water or milk whenever needed. We designed our custom made milk barn and loading docks
to utilize gravity, allowing us to work smarter in our operations.


Our Farm Footprint

From the farm’s beginning, miles of concrete were never in our plans. We have stayed true to this mission by carefully maintaining our lush green pastures, utilizing our land economically, and re-purposing materials and equipment whenever possible.


Solar Powered Farm

The sun is a very important and well-respected team member. Throughout our organic farm, we utilize solar power in our fencing and other operations. We are very thankful the sun shows up every day for work!


TRULY Happy Cows

Our top priority is the health of our herd. Our staff is dedicated to continuously improving the lives of the herd and maintaining their comfort and health.


Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose

Our hardworking team has become every good at re-purposing and giving metal, wood, or other farm materials a new purpose.


Free Natural Fertilizer

We use regenerative farming practices to replenish our pastures. Our nutritious raw milk and fresh cow’s manure provide excellent material for hungry soil. By mixing our returned product and cow’s manure directly into our pasture irrigation water, the soil receives essential nutrients for growing organic grass to feed our cows.


Respect for Nature

Our family is honored to live on such bountiful and rich land, active with the natural ecosystem. We work to create a harmonious balance with our local land. Our farm is proud of its organic roots, which began before the larger organic movement grew.



Our happy California cows graze using our unique and effective Mob-Grazing technique. Cows are moved twice a day to a different lush pasture. This allows the grass to quickly regrow. We know our cows approve when their tails swing joyfully.


Organic Herd Treatments

If one of our happy cows need care, we use organically approved treatments.
As needed, we will treat our cows with homemade garlic tincture,  immune-boosting homeopathic treatments, blends of several essential oils, and herbal tea.