Most of our fleet vehicles are FlexFuel and considered eco-friendly. We work continuously to have sustainable efforts to have as little of an impact on our planet, as possible.  

Most of our fleet vehicles are FlexFuel and considered eco-friendly. We work continuously to have sustainable efforts to have as little of an impact on our planet, as possible.  

About Our Distribution Fleet

We have a fleet of trucks ranging from a Class A Freightliner Cascadia tractor/trailer to smaller E350 vans.  The larger trucks do the “heavy lifting” and are equipped with large Thermo King chillers to maintain cold chain. The smaller vans are also equipped with smaller Thermo King chillers, but they do more Farmers Market and small route work. We have three distribution “hubs” across the state:

  • So Cal hub in Glendale, CA
  • Nor Cal hub in San Leandro, CA
  • Central Coast hub

We deliver to hundreds of stores throughout California. From Mt. Shasta to San Diego, you can find a store in almost every city in between. We sell at many store chains, like: Mothers Market, Jimbo’s Natural, Nugget Market, Henry’s, Sprouts, Andronico’s, Lunardi’s, Mollie Stone’s for your buying convenience. In addition, we also sell at many small independent stores like Vitamin City, Briar Patch and Rainbow Grocery.  Most of these stores are employee or customer owned cooperatives and they are big supporters of raw milk. Our business has thrived by having a combination of small "mom-n-pop" stores and corporate owned store chains. This combination has given the customer a wide variety of raw milk selling locations for their buying convenience.

We care about our planet and understand how distribution can create a negative impact on our environment, which is why we make many efforts to do our part in making as little impact, as possible. We optimize each distribution truck's load, so the trips made to our Southern and Northern hubs are as efficient as possible. Additionally, we use reusable plastic crates to transport our product (avoiding cardboard or non reusable materials). All of the water used to wash the plastic, reusable crates is recycled into pasture irrigation water. 


  • Cold chain matters
    • (check the back of the store for the coldest, newest product available, especially for "open case" shelves)
  • Know your store's delivery day
    • Stores can receive fresh product 1-2 times per week, every week. Make sure you know when the store receives milk deliveries from our trucks and buy within 1-3 days.
  • Check for date codes 
    • Our date code is printed directly onto the side of our labels, so check the date code for assurance that you have at least 7-10 days left for consumption. 
  • Understand our "Best Consumed By" delivery date
    • This number varies for each product. 
    • Find the day we suggest on the back of each product

Our Distribution Steps From Creamery to Store

Step 1: Creamery stages product into our large distribution truck (once a day).

Step 2: Distribution truck drives to one of our off-site hubs for local distribution allocation.

Step 3: A stager will then distribute and allocate product into smaller fleet vehicles that can drop off product to stores, small mom-n-pops, co-op, farmer's markets, etc. (no raw milk selling location is left behind!).

Step 4: Hub Coordinators manage the process of consistent cold chain, maintenance, and much more to ensure our raw milk is kept fresh, cold, and is delivered as fast as possible!

Step 5: Our drivers start their day early to drive our raw milk to all of the store locations! (sometimes they have to turn around and deliver a second delivery to a store if they sell out within hours of delivery-- yes, this happens with our highly demanded raw products!).

Step 6: Our farmer's market reps will sell to our 15 farmer's market locations across CA to ensure that those who support local farmer's produce can also have access to our products!

Step 7: Store receivers and buyers sell, sell, sell our products and maintain consistent cold chain. These buyers and receivers also adjust the orders and product demand (talk with your store buyer for your raw milk needs!