About Our Creamery Department

Our Risk Analysis Management Program (RAMP) is a huge part of the creamery department. As part of the RAMP practices, we test of all milk received for antibiotics under Appendix N of PMO for IMS. The RAMP program also provides practices for routine surveillance testing of bulk milk received, finished product, and has created daily checklists for internal control and compliance.

It Starts With Receiving Fresh, Raw Milk

We receive milk from the dairy in transport tanks after each milking twice a day. After the raw milk has cleared the testing results, then it is pumped into the silo tank where it sits for no more than an hour or two while it waits to be made into one of our raw products.

About Bottling

About 85% of our sales come from our fluid raw milk products, which are bottled by our new Federal Filler. This Grade A filler has 6 valves and bottles about 25 bottles a minute with a mechanical capper. The finished bottles passes to the cold storage and waits to be staged for the next route.

About Separating

Some of our milk gets separated in our cold cream separator, and this is how we make our cream and cream for butter. Cold raw milk is pumped through a centrifugal separator that spins at about 1,800 RPM to separate the lighter butterfat out the top and the heavier skim out the bottom

About Our Hand-Packed Raw Butter

We don’t add anything to make the butter, just delicious raw cream. Once we have drained the buttermilk (which we cannot sell due to California law), we hand pack the butter. Our skilled butter packer has perfected her signature swirl you will find on each butter top. The last step is a hand applied shrink band that is flash heated to ensure a tamper evident seal.

About Our Artesian Truly Raw Cheese

We take pride in our TRULY raw cheddar cheese. Only our freshest raw whole milk is used to make our cheese. Straight from the dairy, we pump about 500 gallons of raw whole milk (about 3.75% butterfat) into our cheese vat to be transformed into our delicious Truly Raw Cheddar Cheese.

How Is It Artesian Made? Sorry, this is TOP SECRET.

About Our Delicious Raw Skim Kefir

Kefir is our version of a drinkable yogurt. It is super probiotic and easy to digest.  First, we pour our Raw Skim Milk into the Kefir vat, and then we add our special blend of cultures to start the fermentation process. We then add warm water to the jacketed vat to increase the temperature of the raw skim milk and cultures from 34 degrees to 75 degrees (around room temperature).  After the fermentation has finished, it is ready to be chilled, bottled, and sent on its way to excited customers!

What is Unique About Our Raw Kefir?

Our Raw Kefir is about 100x more probiotic, naturally, than other brands because it has not been pasteurized and destroyed. All beneficial nutrients that you can find in our raw milk products can also be found in our Raw Kefir, but it is just taken to “another level” of probiotics! Talk about EXTREME nutrition!