How to Make RAW Sour Cream at Home

raw sour cream


Making sour cream at home is a rewarding project. It's fresh, smooth, and delicious, when it is made from raw cream.

Instructions for Making Raw Sour Cream

  1. Remove your cold Organic Pastures Raw Cream (16 oz/pint) from your refrigerator. You can find our Raw Cream in all of our California stores and markets here.

  2. In a washed and dried glass container, add 3 tablespoons of Organic Pastures Raw Kefir to your (16 oz/ pint) of Raw Cream.

  3. Stir gently until the Raw Kefir and Raw Cream products are fully incorporated.

  4. Culture the mixture at 74º-77º F for approximately 12-18 hours until well set. The raw sour cream will be slightly thick, but not as thick as a store-bought processed sour cream. Store bought, processed sour cream often has thickeners and additives added to enhance the texture and consistency.

  5. Place a tight lid on the glass container and refrigerate your homemade raw sour cream for at least 6 hours to help set and thicken your final product.

  6. Enjoy and use as you would with all of your favorite sour cream dishes and recipes.

About Organic Pastures Heavy Raw Cream

Organic Pastures Heavy Raw Cream is rich in heart-healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, CLA, "X Factor ", vitamins, and minerals. Separated from Organic Pastures Whole Raw Milk that was simply flash-chilled, filtered, and tested. The ease of digestibility of Organic Pastures Heavy Raw Cream gives those that experience discomfort with processed dairy products a delicious and natural option. Organic Pastures Heavy Raw Cream has an average of 46% raw butterfat.

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