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A2 Milk vs. Raw Dairy Products

Unprocessed 'raw' dairy contains ancient, diverse, and complete nutrients. Raw milk is the first food of life, but the essential nutrients are altered by processing (pasteurization and homogenization).  Whether A1 or A2, nutrients from raw milk are completely bio-available, unaltered, and keep our bodies healthy.

It is our opinion that both A1 and A2 milk, and all other protein variations found in unprocessed milk are extremely healthy.  Raw milk is a whole complete food. Processed milk is not.  Organic, pasture-grazed raw dairy is the best choice.

Current retail available A2 branded milk is pasteurized; often UHT (ultra-high heat) pasteurized.  The A2 Corporation markets their A2 protein milk as healthier for you, yet they subject the proteins to very high temperatures to prolong shelf life.

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Low Milk Supply Resolves After Raw Milk Challenge (Video)

Watch this video about my personal journey, struggle, and natural remedy to maintain and drastically increase my breast milk supply. Learn how I had my aha “raw milk in/ raw milk out" moment...

For many breastfeeding mothers, low milk supply is a constant worry and can be very stressful. Stress can lead to other issues, which include even lower milk supply to the nursing mother. It seems we cannot catch a break. Sometimes it feels as if there is no natural solution. Often mothers turn to tonics, pills, supplements, teas, recommended foods, herbs, diets, or too much water. Fortunately, there can be an extremely natural aide to increasing lactation supply in a quick and easy way.

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