Meet The REAL Ferdinand the Bull [named Cupcake]

Written by Kaleigh Lutz

Ferdinand the bull

Sometimes Fairytales Are Real

At Organic Pastures, located in Fresno, CA, lives a very happy bull named Cupcake. He was named Cupcake by the owner Blaine McAfee after she quickly realized that he was a very special bull. Bulls are mean (errrr), feisty, scary, and certainly rowdy… right? Well, there are many bulls that are, naturally. Then there are those rare bulls that make the world a better place. Meet Cupcake who is more like Ferdinand the Bull than anything else.

Organic Pastures

A Heartwarming Story

It all unravels on July 3rd, 2019 when Blaine (my mom) comes walking into our farm store office with a smile on her face and phone in her hand. She already had the picture ready to show me. “Look, the cutest picture I took just now.” (see below) . Well, who doesn’t want to stop what they are working on to see the “cutest picture…” so, I took a look at what brought her so much joy. Oh, she wasn’t joking!

Meet Cupcake at Organic Pastures.JPG
Organic Pastures in Fresno, CA

Organic Pastures in Fresno, CA

In the picture, Cupcake is snuggled in with his ladies in the milking barn. (Cupcake is relaxing at the hoof of another cow being milked) In fact, Cupcake never leaves the herd’s side. He is loyal, kind, and couldn’t/wouldn’t hurt a fly. Twice a day, when the cows are milked, the team disregards “the bull in the milking barn” as he usually prefers to sit down at the cow’s hooves. They see it each time and they know to not mind him (not in the least). Cupcake isn’t there to bother anyone or anything. He never does. On tours, he hangs back and lets the ladies get all the spotlight, pictures 📸, and sniffes. He is naturally very shy, but still great at his job. We like to think that our herd loves that about him.

Don’t mind Cupcake, he is just loyal and kind.

About Cupcake’s Wonderful Life At Organic Pastures

Along side with his herd of ladies, Cupcake is the one (1) and only bull that helps naturally breed the organic herd that graze pastures 365 days a year. He doesn’t over complicate the job or cause any fuss. No one is scared of his mighty presents. He actually warms hearts, instead. The milkers say, “ We have never met a bull like Cupcake. If a dairy has a bull (something that is extremely rare these days) you need to stay away or even keep them apart for the safety of the herd and team. Cupcake, well he is more like a farm dog! It is pretty funny to see new milkers react on their first day of milking the cows. They always have the same reaction! A BULL! IN THE MILK BARN! Call for help! They get used to Cupcake quickly and know that he is a sweetheart.”

Oh the joy of watching milking-time.

When you come to our dairy, you can easily spot out big-ol Cupcake the bull who never leaves his herd’s side.

In this picture, James easily spots out Cupcake. His huge head makes him obvious and easy to see.

In this picture, James easily spots out Cupcake. His huge head makes him obvious and easy to see.

Organic Pastures

About Cupcake’s Day

Did you know that our cows will walk in a single-file line? In nature, the cow’s instinct know to preserve their pastures or delicate feeding grounds. Animal instincts are extremely interesting to us. Here at Organic Pastures, we try to replicate what the cow’s natural and organic instincts crave. All throughout the farm you will find these cow-made walking trails that the herd chooses to use when going back and forth to the watering trough or milking barn. They are so clever. We must admit, we use them too and find them helpful. In between milking the cows graze, get natural herd-health check-ups with Blaine (learn more here), socialize with tours, [and repeat].

Proudly at Organic Pastures, we are Certified Humane, USDA Organic, grass-grazed 365 days a year, are family-owned, and show love and compassion to ALL of our animals (big or small), customers, and team.

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