New & Exciting Things Happening (Updates W/ Photo Gallery)

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Exciting Things Happening!

Photo gallery included: Full details below or zoom past for a quick update

Over the past several months, our family owned business has rapidly grown. We have a very exciting 2019. The year jumped with exciting momentum when our family attended the Natural Products Expo- West event in Anaheim, CA in March. At the Expo West event, our family built many new store relationships and connections. During the event, we were invited to attend the popular Paleo F(x) event in Austin, Texas in April. Our spring was turning out to have amazing momentum and new opportunities.

One of the significant event outcomes from Expo West was being formally accepted into UNFI, one of the nation’s largest food distributors. This was an exciting accomplishment because it allows our raw cheese brand to grow into new store chains that exclusively order through UNFI. Today, Organic Pastures raw cheese products can be ordered through KeHE and UNFI. We are excited about where this will lead our family.

Shortly after returning from Expo West (mid-March), we booked our Paleo F(x) event booth, booked the plane and rental car, and reserved the needed hotels! Organic Pastures Dairy has been selling products for 20 years and this would be our very first out-of-CA customer event. We were very excited and ready to experience Texas.

*Important to note, we had NEVER been to Texas, so this was going to be a much-needed trip to see our selling locations!

Day 1- Texas was extremely busy (starting off with a red-eye flight and landing at 5am), filled with store visits and an important Central Market Headquarters store meeting. After visiting over 6 stores in the Dallas, Texas region (a combination of Sprouts Farmers Market and Central Market locations), we were off to Waco, Texas to visit Magnolia Market. Yes, we are JUST like you. We wanted to visit the beautiful Magnolia Market (in hopes to see Jennifer Lopez who was in town or chat with Chip and Joanna Gaines). We didn’t see J-Lo or the Gaines family, but we did capture beautiful on-location product pictures. While we were there, we got to chat with several of their customer service representatives (such a wonderful group of team members). They had asked us what our cheese branding looked like and ended up taking the cheese for their Magnolia Market employee break room to enjoy! We were thrilled to have shared the #rawgoodness love with them! We hope that they thoroughly enjoyed it.

Day 2- We traveled to Austin for more store visits and a (still top secret) meeting. Further details of that meeting will be released at a later time. All we can say is we were extremely excited and are hoping to announce (officially) very soon.

Day 3- Hello San Antonio, Texas! We had one objective to accomplish and that was to meet with the Texas treasure, H-E-B. Back at the Natural Products Expo- West event we talked to one of their main buyers at H-E-B. We knew that their headquarters was located in Texas, so it was a MUST-DO to try to make a meeting with their team. (Long story short), we met with their team and are proud to OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCE that Organic Pastures Raw Cheddar Cheese (8 oz Raw Cheddar Cheese Shredded bag & 8 oz Raw Cheddar Cheese block) will be sold starting August/ September of 2019 in ALL 120 H-E-B store locations! We are thrilled and excited to start this partnership.

Day 4, 5, 6, & 7- Paleo, Paleo Paleo… what an interesting and unique diet and culture! We were excited to be attending as a raw cheese booth at the Paleo F(x) event and quickly fell in love with their beliefs and vibe. Morning sunlight, grounding to the earth (barefoot), fitness (mainly primal fitness methods that don’t use equipment, think caveman and clubs), and a diet that is most similar to what would have been available in more primitive times. The #1 question was, “Does raw milk cheese cause lactose intolerance?” It was so commonly asked that we wrote a blog topic (here) to address the question. The #2 question was, “I thought dairy was not a Paleo- Approved food?” This was a great question because we were able to explain that raw milk has been consumed since the beginning of humankind. It is extremely primal and a foundational food… HIGHLY PROCESSED, pasteurized, processed milk and milk alternatives ARE NOT! We fit RIGHT in with all of the event goers. It was such a successful event that we ended up rushing to the nearest Sprouts Farmers Market (down the street) to buy 8 more lbs. of our raw cheese to sample. The Paleo F(x) event goers LOVED our raw cheese! “Yum, yum, yum… this is the best thing I have ever eaten!”

While attending the Paleo F(x) event, we were given a long, long list of new store chains that would love to start selling our raw cheese. We came home with a notepad full of leads and action-items. We are currently working on those stores and will keep you posted if we are accepted! Exciting times ahead, indeed.

So What Is Next?

As if this year wasn’t exciting enough with new store accounts and marketing fun happening every week, we are in full-steam CAMPING WITH THE COWS PLANNING MODE! Yes, it is happening again for the 6th time! If you are attending and have already purchased your tickets, then you are NOT alone. Withing the 1st month of launching ticket sales, we sold 200 tickets! With nearly 3.5 months to go, we are excited about this year’s event and know that it will go down as our BEST event, ever! Here are more event details (here). We are extremely excited because we have brand new event activities and #farmlife vibes! One of the camping groups is traveling all the way from Nebraska! Majority of campers are coming from Southern California. How exciting is that?

We are halfway through Quarter 2 and are filling blessed with what has already happened this year. We are so thankful for all of the amazing customers that have been tagging us on social media, sharing their testimonials, and being so passionate! Our family continues to work hard towards achieving this year’s goals. Stay tuned! There are many more MEGA announcements coming soon!

Continue to stay connected to our family business on social media, through the blog, or even try to attend our annual event!


Kaleigh Lutz | VP of Marketing, Owner

Organic Pastures Dairy

We have so many more new and exciting announcements to make, but we just can not share (yet) until all of the details are pressed and ironed out. All we CAN say is that our hearts are full with gratitude and appreciation for your continued love and support as we continue to work towards our goals. Thank you for being so loyal and supportive!

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