FEED YOUR SKIN (inside and out) RAW Probiotics

Organic Pastures Whole Raw Kefir

RAW Probiotics are good, beneficial bacteria that are naturally found in our bodies. They are known to help lock in moisture and soothe the look of inflammation. Raw Kefir is our MOST probiotic product that we sell (even though all of our products are technically packed with beneficial raw probiotics).

About Raw Kefir

Organic Pastures Whole Raw Kefir (plain and golden) is made by culturing our whole raw milk with 12 specialized bacteria colonies (in addition to the bio-diverse colonies of beneficial bacteria naturally found in our raw organic milk). It is cultured for 36-48 hours to achieve a pH of approximately 3.8. Organic Pastures Whole Raw Kefir is deliciously smooth and very drinkable! Raw Kefir contains special prebiotics, which feeds and protects gut bacteria. In addition, our Whole Raw Kefir is alive with fully active enzymes containing a biodiversity of probiotic bacteria a broad spectrum of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria, essential amino acids, OMEGA-3 fatty acids, metabolically available vitamins, immunoglobulins, minerals, and antioxidants. 100% ORGANIC. Absolutely NO antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides or GMO anything.  





Organic Pastures GOLDEN Raw Kefir

GOLDEN Raw Kefir ADDED Spices

Organic Pastures new GOLDEN Whole Raw Kefir is made by culturing our whole raw milk with 12 specialized bacteria colonies (in addition to the bio-diverse colonies of beneficial bacteria naturally found in our raw organic milk). Three (3) spices are then added after culturing has finished enhancing its flavor profile. Organic Ginger, Turmeric, and Cinnamon are popular and well known for their powerful health benefits.

+ Ginger

The health benefits of ginger are impressive, which ranges from helping soothe nausea, muscle pain and soreness, lowering cholesterol levels, and helps fight infections.

+ Turmeric

Turmeric is argued by many to be the most powerful herb on the planet at fighting and potentially reversing disease anti-inflammation. Turmeric helps with detoxifying, boosting the body’s metabolism, is an antioxidant, and improves digestion.

+ Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a powerful spice used around the world because of its widespread health benefits and is known to be a powerful antioxidant.

How We Use It On Our Skin

We use RAW probiotics to build skin health (inside and out) . Applying RAW probiotics directly to your skin has been clinically proven to help promote hydration, clarity, and improve the appearance of inflammation.

Gut Health

Skin Health (from the inside)

Raw probiotics impact your stomach’s biome, processed probiotic skin care products try to promote a healthy skin biome by influencing the types of bacteria that live on your skin, but RAW, REAL probiotics is the most powerful way to consume and digest your probiotics for gut-health. By consuming and digesting raw probiotics, your skin can begin to feel the healthy impacts from the inside out.

Some of the Known Benefits of RAW Probiotics on Skin

  • Strengthen the Skin Defense: raw probiotics have been shown to reduce and reinforce the skin’s natural defenses against bad bacteria.

  • Improve Inflammatory Skin Conditions: raw probiotics have a calming effect on the skin and prevent the immune system from attacking other living micro-organisms, thus reducing flare-ups.

  • Improves Dry Skin: raw probiotics promote better moisture absorption. Lactic acid helps improve dry and dull skin. They nourish and soothe damaged skin.

Organic Pastures Raw GOLDEN Kefir Facial

Skin Health (for the outside)

A few weeks ago, we washed our face and went to Instagram to share our at-home facial routine. Our followers were completely surprised to see what we put onto our face as our anti-inflammatory facial product—- GOLDEN RAW KEFIR!

DIY Golden Raw Kefir Facial:

  1. STEP 1: start with a clean and freshly washed face

  2. STEP 2: apply with a cotton ball a thick layer of Organic Pastures RAW GOLDEN KEFIR to your face

  3. STEP 3: allow the Raw GOLDEN Kefir to completely soak in and absorb (takes about 3-5 minutes)

  4. STEP 4: gently rinse your face compleyely with cool water

  5. STEP 5: repeat steps 1-4 several times a week for optimal results

What You Will Enjoy:

At first, you will feel a nice cold and cooling effect from the cold Raw GOLDEN Kefir. During step 3, you will feel a slight warming on your skin (this is caused by the golden spices). Overtime, you will notice overall improved skin health. To notice even better outcomes, consume at least 1-4 cups of Raw Golden (or plain) Kefir per day to build gut health from the inside out, as well.