Milk Comes From Mammals

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What is Milk?

Types of Pasteurization

If you asked your grandparents, then the answer would be short and sweet. Milk was always just milk. Depending on when you were born, milk was either raw or pasteurized. The dairy case at the grocery store had one (1), two (2), maybe three (3) different local milk brand choices. It was not until the early 2000’s did the consumer start to see soy and rice milk as a new option. Today, the dairy case section is a maze of a wide range of different milk types. To most, it is confusing and overwhelming to understand each brand’s differentiation and nutritional facts. As if the wide range of choices wasn’t overwhelming enough, there are also a wide range of milk types within the milk category, such as: A2, lactate free, High Temperature Short Time (HTST), Ultra-Pasteurization (UP), Vat Pasteurizatized, cold pressed, etc (see chart for a detailed list of pasteurization types). Unless you are in the processing industry, then this is all extremely technical; thus the extreme consumer confusion.

So, Let’s Ask Again, What… Is… Milk?

Milk is a lacteal secretion and comes only from mammals; always has, always will.  The US government agrees with this definition and through the FDA has created very strict Standards of Identity for all dairy products defining milk as a mammalian lacteal secretion. Furthermore, raw milk is truly milk because it has never been processed from its original form.

Milk Defined

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Organic Pastures Grazing Cow

Why is Milk So Important?

Milk holds a vital place in the food world. It is the highly evolved first food of life that nourishes the next generation. It is the “mother to baby” method of transferring nourishment and antibody immunity while protecting the most vulnerable new offspring from illness. No other food has endured tens of thousands of years of “selective evolutionary pressures” to become the optimal food for the next generation. That’s milk. Mankind has thrived from mammal’s raw milk. This precious, life-giving milk is critical to our body’s health.

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Cows Lactate, Beans Can’t

Milk does not come from plants, beans, hemp, rice or anything else. The FDA regulates all dairy products but until now has not regulated “alternative plant based milks” so these alternative products have been able to evade FDA regulatory authority and have invaded the dairy case.  This summer the FDA announced that they would now defend the definition of milk and enforce labeling that only allows milk from mammals to carry and be defined by the word “milk”.  The FDA says, “Cows lactate, beans don’t.”. 

Raw Milk Difference

So, So Many Processed Options

The reason that milk alternatives were introduced and marketed is due in part to the side effects of milk processing. Pasteurized milk is highly allergic and hard to digest and people were looking for an alternative to address these issues.  Unfortunately, research shows these alternative products are incomplete and lack crucial elements of nutrition for healthy bodies.  Plant based milk alternatives are even required to carry a warning that says that they should not be fed to babies.

Raw Milk is the Original Milk

Now consider the original milk...raw milk. There is no alternative to highly evolved naturally produced raw milk.  Raw milk is a whole and complete food with all the good stuff including: good fats, probiotics, proteins, enzymes and minerals. Unchanged and just as nature designs.

If you have asthma, allergies, ear infections, frequent colds, eczema, lactose intolerance, allergies, autoimmune problems, inflammation, or any sort of gut problem, delicious tested safe raw milk is your immune system's best friend.

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Why Consumers Select Organic Pastures Dairy Products

Organic Pastures Dairy is a raw milk producer deeply connected to our consumers and invested in our educational outreach and relationships. Please come tour the dairy and creamery and meet the cows (mammals!) that produce our raw milk. There is no alternative. It’s the original. It's milk.

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