4 Easy Steps to Keep Raw Milk Tasting Fresh

Raw Milk is Fresh Milk

… but what are helpful tips to keep your raw milk from naturally souring?

Important Raw Milk Fact

Raw dairy products never go “expired” or bad. Compared to processed dairy products that can mold after the expiration date, raw milk simply evolves and naturally sours. After raw milk starts to sour, it does not become harmful. Many find that sour raw milk can even be evolved to another delicious product, like raw sour cream.

Raw milk is also called “fresh milk”. Fresh items are not meant to last more than a couple of days or weeks in the refrigerator. For example, when you buy a fresh pint of organic raspberries, you expect them to mold within a few days, right? If fresh raspberries last more than two-three weeks in your refrigerator, then you would think that might be a little strange, right? What is the raspberry lasted for several months? Now you can see the consumer confusion with raw milk souring within a few short days or weeks from purchase versus highly processed milk products that can have a long shelf life of 60, 100, 250+ days. Milk should be consumed daily, as fresh as possible, and farm-direct (avoiding long months in a warehouse).

How to keep raw milk tasting FRESH for as long as possible

We need to understand that raw milk is a fresh and highly perishable food. It is not meant to last multiple weeks in the fridge, and keeping an absolutely fresh taste all the way to the code date listed on the bottle is OPTIMAL but not always attainable.

4 EASY TIPS to Keep Organic Pastures Raw Milk as Fresh Tasting (for as long as possible before naturally souring)

1.     Keep it cold

a.    If you're not going straight home from the grocery store or Farmers Market use an insulated bag and get ice to keep the milk chilled until it can be stored in the refrigerator at home.

b.    Put your milk in the coldest part of your fridge.

c.     Don’t leave your Organic Pastures Raw Milk sitting on the counter. After pouring what you need put the bottle back in the fridge.

2.     Learn what date your store receives delivery

a.    Make friends with your dairy case manager and learn the delivery dates and times for optimal times to shop.

b.    Contact us directly at 1-877-RAW-MILK and we will be happy to help identify your store delivery dates.

3.     Read the date on the back of the label

a.    In most cases, we deliver to the store weekly. Each week the driver pulls off any older milk and replenishes with fresh raw milk that should have 12-14 days left on the code.

4.     Buy only as much fresh raw milk as your family consumes between trips to the store

a.    Bigger is not always better with raw milk. Unless your family consumes a gallon regularly, opt for the smaller size. If you find that you are running out before you can make it back to the market, then buy the next bigger size or two of the smaller bottles.

So, sometimes life happens.  There may be a day when your raw milk does not have that wonderful fresh, sweet taste and has turned a little sour. What can you do with that raw milk? A LOT! Be creative. Use the sour milk to make pancakes, biscuits, smoothies, etc. Check out the internet for ideas and inspiration to give your family the benefits of the raw milk in other recipes.

Remember, raw milk is FRESH milk.  Take the easy extra steps to make your fresh raw milk last longer.  Your family and your gut will thank you.

Raw milk by Organic Pastures

What to do if your raw milk or cream has naturally soured?

Once you have changed your mindset about not using your raw milk and raw cream that has naturally soured, you use it in a variety of nutrient dense, tasty, and healthful dishes.

Here are a few ideas for incorporating soured raw milk and cream into your cooking or diet repertoire:

  1. Make raw milk ice cubes that are perfect for adding in your smoothies!

  2. Make homemade raw whey and raw cream cheese with the soured raw milk by leaving the raw milk on the counter until it fully separates. Strain through a strainer or colander lined with tea towel. Try blending the cream cheese with a few strawberries and maple syrup for a delicious spread for sprouted bagels.

  3. Hide the flavor of the soured raw cream or milk through adding vanilla, jam, and cinnamon powder.

  4. Soak organic pancake mix overnight in soured raw milk. This approach results in much tastier, fluffier, and healthier pancakes.

  5. Use soured milk or cream to make scrambled eggs or other commonly used recipes.

  6. Use soured raw milk to make custard pudding or creme brulée or pudding like desserts.

  7. Bake with it.

  8. Cover up the soured flavor or embrace it. Some customers intentionally sour OP raw products because they prefer the tart flavor.

  9. Kick up your beauty routine by using soured raw milk or cream in your face mask or skin treatment recipes.

  10. Use soured raw milk instead of raw whey to soak oatmeal overnight. This will make your overnight oaks soak perfectly, but cover up the sour flavor.

raw cream by Organic Pastures
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