Yes, raw is better than pasteurized milk. There is a DRASTIC and SIGNIFICANT difference.


Raw milk in its natural (raw) state has many important nutrients, including:  enzymes, proteins, heart-healthy fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and beneficial bacteria that help build our immune system. Our raw milk remains unprocessed, complete, and whole in order to benefit those who consume it for its plethora of health benefits.

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What is Pasteurization?


Pasteurized milk is milk that has been boiled to sterilization, which effectively destroys essential living components found naturally in milk. The dead, altered, and damaged cells, bacteria, and denatured proteins remain in the milk as a byproduct of the heat-killing process and often cause allergic reactions commonly referred to as lactose-intolerance.

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raw vs pasteurized milk process

Quality Starts With Organic Pastures

Because we do not have a sterilization-step, like pasteurization, we focus on the prevention of “bad” bacteria entering our milk. This requires maintenance of our clean, lush, and  green pastures, utilizing organic treatment methods on our happy cows (no antibiotics or silage used), and other preventative methods to ensure clean, healthy raw milk.

We milk our herd twice a day, which aligns with the cow’s natural milking needs. Our custom-made milk barn, milking machines, and stainless-steel vat allow us to milk an average of six gallons of milk per cow per day. To maintain their steady flow of milk, we provide our cows with plenty of fresh farm water, daily pasture-grazing, a relaxing environment, organic mineral supplements, the highest-quality certified organic feed, and treatment with natural, organic, and homemade cow remedies.

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Munch Munch -- Feeding Time At the Dairy

Our cows graze on lush, open, certified-organic green pastures 365 days a year. Additionally, our healthy milking cows receive beneficial supplemental protein snacks to ensure they consume proper amounts of specific nutrients and minerals in their balanced diet. Our rotational grazing program allows lower feeding costs, complies with organic pasture regulations, and most importantly, keeps the milk tasting great and the cows clean and happy.

Rotational grazing, also known as “mob-grazing” or holistic managed planned grazing, is a series of interconnected systems of forage use in which ruminant and non-ruminant herds are regularly and systematically moved to fresh areas with the intent to maximize the quality and quantity of forage growth.


TOP Health Benefits:

FPeople who cannot drink processed, homogenized, or pasteurized milk can often drink and digest Organic Pastures (raw) Dairy products without any lactose intolerance symptoms! This is because active ingredients that naturally occur in (raw) milk, like the enzyme lactase, help our bodies digest and absorb raw milk, allowing our bodies to take full advantage of the numerous nutritional benefits of drinking milk. Cool, right?

All of our delicious dairy products are unprocessed and complete with bioavailable vitamins, minerals, enzymes, beneficial bacteria, naturally occurring CLA and omega-3 fatty acids.  Our raw milk is simply filtered, chilled, tested, and bottled -- nothing is added or taken away. Our certified-organic, grass-grazed, raw dairy products meet the growing consumer demand for nutrient-dense, whole foods.




Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

a polyunsaturated omega-3 fatty acid. CLA raises your metabolic rate, boosts muscle growth, reduces resistance to insulin, and strengthens your immune system.

Omega 3 fatty acids

are considered the “good fats” because they play a vital role in every cell of the body. They are important for brain function and general health.

Amino Acids

are our body's’ building blocks for proteins. There are nine essential amino acids that our body cannot naturally produce; therefore, we must consume these through a healthy diet. Raw milk contains all nine of these essential amino acids.


helps regulate absorption of iron in the intestines and protects against bacterial infections, but also promotes healthy gut bacteria.

Lacto peroxidase and Lysozyme

enzymes naturally found in raw milk that function as natural protection to “bad” bacteria.

Immunoglobulins and Antibodies

are a natural tracking system for the body to recognize foreign substances, like “bad” bacteria. These are essential for a healthy immune system.

Bio-available Minerals and Enzymes

are essential for a properly functioning body. Minerals (like calcium, iron, magnesium, etc.) are critical for proper cell and body function. Enzymes are active proteins that perform specific functions in the body. D


an important fat found in all cells in the body. Cholesterol is needed to make hormones, vitamin D, and aids in digestion.

Beneficial Bacteria

plays a crucial role for our health by producing key vitamins, maintaining our stomach flora (healthy gut bacteria), promoting proper digestion, and plays a very important role with our immune system.


is needed for the absorption of calcium.


combines with calcium to form our bones.


an enzyme that aids in fat digestion.

Vitamins A, B-12, and D

vitamin A helps immune systems function, improves vision, reproduction, and aids in cell-to-cell communication

vitamin B-12 helps the brain, central nervous system function, blood formation, and production of genetic material

vitamin D needed for healthy eyes, skin, strong bones, digestion, and a healthy immune system.


prevents osteoporosis, strengthens bones, and helps with weight loss. About 99% of calcium in a healthy body is used for the formation of bones and teeth and the other 1% is used for basic functions within the body.



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