What is All The Raw Dairy Buzz About?

It is rare to find raw dairy products when the trend has been to create shelf stable, highly altered dairy products and alternatives. Our family founded Organic Pastures Dairy in 1999 on the belief that raw dairy products was a foundational food and could be produced safely. Over the past two (2) decades, we have taken great pride in our focused mission to bring tested, organic, raw dairy products across the USA. We take the most important food designed for human-kind and meticulously craft it (but not alter it) so that you and your family can enjoy each savory and rich flavor. Our raw milk from grass-grazed cows (365 days a year) is the most organic way dairy products can be produced. Our mixed herd grazes in mobs, just as they have naturally grazed since primal eras. The flavor from this style of mob grazing is noted with our product’s creamy textures and changing colors. Changing colors? Yes, each season brings different grasses and weather patterns. It is because of this that our products will evolve and change every month with tones of yellow, tan, and orange. Simply beautiful.

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Let’s Keep It Real

We test each milking batch (to verify) our products are sold safely (instead of pasteurizIng, which can damagE delicate raw milk components). BECAUSE we do not process our raw Milk, our products are left 100% digestible.

We know what your are thinking. Why pasteurized at all? Why can’t all dairy brands simply test for safety? The answer may be surprising. Raw dairy products (although simple in design) can be difficult and expensive to produce with such difficult standards. It is much easier to mass-produce and process for a level of safety. We are proudly Raw Milk Institute approved, USDA, FDA, and CDFA regulated, kosher, certified organic and non-GMO through CCOF, and verified to be animal welfare humane through Shop with You Heart and Certified Humane. Our raw milk comes from cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics, and all of our products are packaged in non-toxic plastic that is BPA/BPS/ Bisphenol & Phthalas Free (#2 plastic that is 100% recycable). Our internal high testing standards verify that every milking batch has been tested for a wide variety of components that we do not allow in our products.

More importantly, we are a single-sourced brand and can’t lower our costs by merging with other dairies (like most do through co-operatives and large processing plants). When dairies join together and form groups it makes it much cheaper to produce. It is also much easier to standardize, pasteurize, alter, and fortify (even if the process is complex with many forms of unique equipment and machinery). Pasteurization provides a benefit to the producer and allows products to have long shelf life, mass distribution, lower price points, and unique marketing benefits.

So why sell raw? The answer comes full circle. The consumer has learned through the digestion of these highly processed products that they can be often difficult to consume without negative reactions. The human body was simply designed to consume raw dairy products. Even the newer and popular “milk alternatives” can be highly processed, standardized, stabilized, sweetened, fortified, and lack basic nutritional value that are required by milk in the human diet.

What to do?

Even though is may seem odd for raw dairy to be difficult to access/find (the “OG of dairy" products), Organic Pastures is proud to be celebrating our 20th year in production! In 2017, we grew from our California home state to supply nationwide (across USA) selling our TRULY raw milk cheddar cheese product line. Even if raw (fluid) dairy products can’t be accessed in your home state, you can “eat your raw milk” through the form of our TRULY raw milk cheese. We invite you to learn more about the vast health benefits of our products here.



Our happy cows enjoy grass-grazing all year long.

6 Basic Reasons why OP sells #rawgoodness



Grass-grazing is a focal point at Organic Pastures. All year long, we carefully maintain our lush, green pastures through sustainable organic practices.



Water on our farm is constantly recycled for multiple purposes. Water used in daily operations is cycled back into our irrigation system contributing to healthy soil.



If one of our happy cows needs special care, we use organically approved treatments, such as: garlic tincture, immune-supporting homeopathic treatments, and essential oils.

Garlic tincture

Homeopathic blends

Essential oils


Raw Dairy is a Complete Food-Active + Easy To Digest:

The proven health components found in raw milk are unlike ANY other “milk alternatives”, naturally! Nothing is added to enhance or stabilize this life-giving, organic food. Enjoy without any “tummy intolerance” symptoms or milk sensitivities.

Why Grass-Grazed (365 days a year) is Good For You

Grass-grazed cows produce milk that contains higher levels of:

  • Vitamin A

  • CLA

  • Omega-3 fatty acids.

Grass-grazing is good for carbon sequestration and contributes to a healthier environment. The color of our organic raw cheese and butter varies by season. The levels of beta carotene from our lush green pastures is reflected in our product’s natural colors.


“ACTIVE” MEANS: Easily digestible, and not destroyed or changed from processing. Our bodies thrive MOST on active, unprocessed nutrients because it is natural and truly organic.

Organic Pastures Dairy


All Organic Pastures’ raw cheese products are thoughtfully crafted from grass to table.


From Grass-Grazed Cows

Organic Pastures’ Raw Cheddar is truly a traditional artisan raw cheese. Made from raw milk that is NEVER pasteurized (heated),homoenized (crushed), or otherwise altered; SIMPLY raw, pure, delicious, and nutrient-dense. Made just as nature intended.

  • Organic

  • Non GMO

  • Cellulose FREE

  • Natamycin FREE

  • Gluten Free

  • Keto Diet Approved





Organic Pastures is deeply committed to the safe production of high-quality raw dairy products. We proudly meet and EXCEED all required California state testing and #dodairydifferent with our unique Test & Hold Protocol. Our protocol is a three (3) step testing process that starts at the dairy (milking) level and ends with the final product (creamery).

Under our Test & Hold Protocol, we test for E. coli O157: H7, Listeria, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Standard Plate Count, and Coliforms.

Our family-owned business believes there is power in numbers and that is why we work closely every single day with our regulators and inspectors.

As part of our plan, all milk from each day is assigned a unique “Lot ID", which provides accurate tracking of all milk batches. This allows us to efficiently connect our milk batches to all test results.

We are proud to be leaders for change and hope to inspire other organic brands to follow in the #rawgoodness movement


Farm Sustainability Practices 

Carbon Footprint

From the farm’s beginning, miles of concrete were never in our plans. We have stayed true to this mission by carefully maintaining our lush green pastures, utilizing our land economically, and re-purposing materials and equipment whenever possible. Grass-grazing is good for carbon sequestration and contributes to a healthier environment.

Solar Power

Solar power is the primary energy source for grass-grazing fencing, irrigation well pumps, and family housing. By utilizing the sun's power we keep our energy costs down and pass this savings along to the consumer.

Recyclable Plastic

Our packaging is bottles with non-toxic, #2 recyclable plastic that is BPA/BPS and Phthalates FREE.