Organic Pastures’ raw dairy products are simply that- products made from milk that is unprocessed, whole, and living, with all of its probiotic bacteria. NEVER pasteurized (heated), homogenized (crushed), or otherwise altered. We produce delicious world-class dairy products for you to enjoy. 


Grass-Grazed (365 days a year)

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Family Owned

Tested for Safety



Our Raw Dairy
Safety Standards

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Organic Pastures Dairy Company is deeply committed to the safe production of high-quality raw dairy products. In 2005, we developed and implemented the first comprehensive Risk Analysis Management Program (RAMP) and we continue to improve our food safety program as better technology becomes available.

Our company utilizes industry standard testing-technologies to provide extremely low risk, safe, and healthy raw dairy products. These standards are maintained using a team approach, which ensures all risk elements are addressed from our grass to your glass. Every batch of milk is tested by three different entities: the Fresno County Health Department, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), as well as a third party laboratory for your safety. As part of our plan, all milk from each day is assigned a unique “Lot ID", which provides accurate tracking of all milk batches. This allows us to efficiently connect our milk batches to all test results.


Farm Sustainability Practices

Carbon Footprint

From the farm’s beginning, miles of concrete were never in our plans. We have stayed true to this mission by carefully maintaining our lush green pastures, utilizing our land economically, and re-purposing materials and equipment whenever possible. Grass-grazing is good for carbon sequestration and contributes to a healthier environment.

Solar Power

Solar power is the primary energy source for grass-grazing fencing, irrigation well pumps, and family housing. By utilizing the sun's power we keep our energy costs down and pass this savings along to the consumer.

Organic Pastures Dairy Irrigation