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The McAfee Farms and Organic Pastures Dairy position on the pasteurization of almonds

Raw organic almonds have never been associated with a documented case of illness at any time in man's recorded history that we are aware of. Organic raw almonds are very safe in raw form.

Aug 23, 2007: Organic almond supporters roast pasteurization plan
read SF Chronicle article here

Organic almonds are raised very differently than conventional almonds. Sunlight is allowed to fall onto open spaces of organically managed orchards and grass grows in the middle of the orchard floors. Conventional orchards are densely planted and the floors have little sunlight. Conventional orchards have virtually no growth of grass or biodiversity on the floors because of the heavy use of herbicides and pesticides.

This conventional monoculture environment does not decompose animal waste effectively that may be deposited by a random orchard visitor including coyotes etc. This is why conventional orchards may be more susceptible to contamination than the bio diverse sunlight drenched and living soils and grasses of the bio-diverse living organic orchard floors where animal waste decomposes quickly.

This makes all the difference with food safety. The -sterile is better" theory of conventional farming increases the incidence of pathogenic bacteria making its way into the food chain. Organic farming practices reduce the incidence of pathogens being generated in the first place. Organic farming does not provide a place for pathogens to grow and therefore they can not be spread into the food chain. Instead, good beneficial bacteria join the food chain. This is part of the safety of organic unprocessed whole foods. This is the natural system that mother nature has always used to protect earth and keep life in balance.
Raw almonds are covered with beneficial bacteria. These beneficial bacteria are essential to your internal immune system health.
There is a huge collision of theory and practice between raw and pasteurized. Just as there is a collision between western medicine, pharmaceutical drug companies and whole raw foods as healing methods. Whole foods build the immune system and provide the required building blocks of life. Conventionally produced farm products end up highly processed and modified from their original form and are no longer nutritionally dense and whole.
Deceptive labeling permitted under new law
We believe that the California Almond Board and the FDA has done a great disservice to American consumers by denying the consumer a choice in raw vs. processed almonds. When you now visit your grocery store you will see -pasteurized almonds- mislabeled as -RAW ALMONDS.- The new rules do not require the disclosure that in fact these almonds have been pasteurized by either high heat, a nerve gas-like agent, or radiation.
This is yet another tragedy of intentional market confusion and the loss of choice in food freedom. We at OPDC believe that food freedom can not exist when labels do not tell the truth and in fact tell a lie. Food freedom is health freedom and there can be no health with out the freedom to eat living whole foods.
As we struggle to maintain our freedom eat whole foods, these choices slip away because of corporate interests that do not care about nutrition or whole foods. They are only concerned with industry interests that allow filth and limit their own liability from individual responsibility.  
They do not hear the voices of the consumers that demand whole and complete foods. At OPDC we hear you loud and clear and will do everything in our power to bring you safe, whole, enzyme rich, nutrient dense, bio-diverse foods. Just like mother nature intended as fuel for the human body. We at OPDC have joined with other organic interest groups in strongly protesting the actions of the FDA and the California Almond Board. We asked that the public comment period be reopened because improper notice was given to the public on this issue. There were only a handful of supportive comments received during the comment period. Obviously these sterile food loving industrialists did not want the massive wave of feedback given to them that the Organic Movement gives to the USDA with every change of the organic rules.  This rule slipped by the public with out practically anyone noticing.
We tried very hard to stop the sterilization of almonds
When OPDC, Cornucopia Institute, Weston A. Price organization, and thousands of consumers protested, our concerns were summarily disregarded. I spoke personally with the chairman of the Almond Board and he thoughtfully and firmly told me that our -comments were not going to change what they had decided to do.-
If you intend to stay healthy and prevent disease, we invite you to join the raw revolution and revolt against processed, sterilized immune-depressing foods.
Sorry to say-we can not even trust labels anymore.
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Yours in Health,
Mark McAfee