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Truly Raw Almonds

Announcement - February, 2013

SORRY! Due to a poor crop year, there are no more Truly Raw Almonds available. We will keep you posted about next fall (Sept 2013) harvest and availablility!

almond label

TRULY RAW Almonds are:

» Sweet & Delicious
» Low in Carbs
» High in Protein
» Enzyme Active
» High in Fiber
» Full of Good Cholesterol
» Source for Healthful Raw Fat

*NOTE: The USDA allows pasteurized almonds to be labeled as “raw! ” We think pasteurization and mislabeling pasteurized almonds as “raw” should be a crime against both farmers and consumers. Read more here >

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California organic almonds must now be pasteurized for retail sale. However, OPDC can legally sell un-heated, truly raw*, organic almonds directly to you from our “On Farm" store.


  1. OPDC is happy to ship almonds for any person that physically walks into the OPDC farm store and purchases almonds.

  2. OPDC is happy to take payment over the phone if that order is picked up in person at the OPDC farm store.

  3. For all other remote phone orders, please contact Azure Standard for truly raw almonds and Azure will ship them to you.

  4. The USDA will not allow OPDC to ship almonds based on phone call orders. We are hopeful that a pending lawsuit will reverse this policy.

  5. OPDC almonds are still available from OPDC at farmers markets throughout CA.