Our Mission

Harness “mother nature’s blueprints” for safe, organic, raw milk products.

Dramatically improve our customer’s health, while sustaining and improving

the environment, cows, shareholders, and employees.

Utilize green production systems, which make our world a greener and healthier place, for all.

Our company has impacted and changed the lives of our customers through consistently supplying the highest quality, safe, and nutritious raw milk. We have become the world’s most innovative leader in raw milk food safety production practices. With our Eco-Visit Program, thousands of customers, researchers, students, and travelers from afar have come to our farm to see our unique, eco-friendly operations. Through this personal connection, we are driven to serve our wonderful and loyal customers. We are proud to be organic raw milk dairymen and look forward to our exciting future.
— Mark McAfee, Founder and Owner of Organic Pastures
Mark McAfee