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Mark McAfee, CEO, Managing Member (pictured with wife, Blaine)

Founder of Organic Pastures Dairy, Mark is internationally recognized as an expert in raw milk production, and has spoken in over fifteen states and three countries on the subject. He invented the first -dietary supplements- made from fresh raw colostrum, and secured their certification from the FDA and DHS. Mark created and published the first international raw milk safety standards at www.rawusa.org. In addition, he has worked for sixteen years as an EMS paramedic, and served as marketing director and operations manager for a $30 million dollar EMS company. He is pre-med trained, and is an experienced medical educator. Mark is a licensed private pilot.

Blaine McAfee Co-Founder (pictured above with husband Mark)
Blaine is a graduate of CSU Fresno and is a practicing Labor and Delivery Nurse (BSRN). A strong believer that family is always first, she keeps everyone well-loved and assures that the business does not eat them alive. Having grown up on a family farm, Blaine has the pioneering spirit that is so rare in the world today. She is also a great co-pilot and navigator.

Eric McAfee, Founder and Managing Member
Eric is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist and merchant banker who has founded eleven companies in renewable energy, oil & gas, networking, and software. He founded and serves as managing director of Silicon Valley-based merchant bank, Cagan McAfee Capital Partners . The aggregate value of the companies Eric has founded have high market capitalizations in excess of $4 billion. Eric is a graduate of the Stanford Business School Executive Program and Harvard Business School Private Equity and Venture Capital Program.

Adam McAfee, MBA/CMA, Founder and Managing Member
Adam founded and serves as Managing Director for Park Capital Management, a Silicon Valley-based private and public equity investment firm specializing in high-tech and renewable energy companies. He has twenty years experience as an investment advisor and corporate controller. He worked for eleven years with technology innovator, Apple Computer, Inc. in corporate finance for the Worldwide, R&D and Sales divisions. He is a Certified Management Accountant and registered as an Investment Advisor. He graduated with an MBA from the University of California, Irvine and Harvard Business School Private Equity and Venture Capital Program.

Todd Waltz , MBA/CPA, Senior Advisor
Todd assists the company in forecasting, reporting and auditing projects. He has served as controller for $2 billion R&D and $170 million ".Mac" divisions of Apple Computer for twelve years. He has twenty years experience managing accounting and finance operations within high-growth, mature and competitive businesses. Todd holds an undergraduate degree in accounting and an MBA from Santa Clara University. He is a California Certified Public accountant.

Aaron McAfee, MBA, COO
Aaron is the son of Mark McAfee, and is a founding employee. He has performed every job function in the company including: farming, milking and dairy husbandry, creamery/processing, and sales. He is currently serving as Operations Manager (COO) overseeing the farms, dairy, creamery, and product distribution. Aaron holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business and a Master in Business Administration from California State University, Fresno. He enjoys spending time with his wife and son doing outdoor activities, flying, and traveling.

Kaleigh Lutz, Marketing Department – Brand and Creative Design
Kaleigh is the daughter of Mark McAfee, and is a founding employee. Kaleigh graduated in 2011 from Craig School of Business at California State University, Fresno with a BS in Business Administration and Marketing. She manages graphics and design, product line, promotion, PR, brand, advertising, website, and social networking.


Maegan Nazaroff, Controller
Maegan has been the Accounting Controller since 2004. She directs accounts payable, accounts receivable, and treasury functions.

Marcy Oliver, Marketing Coordinator
Marcy has been a part of the Organic Pastures team since late 2009. Marcy graduated from California State University with a BS in Business Administration and an emphasis in Marketing. Marcy manages all store locations, farmer’s markets, new store accounts, events, tours, and makes all the fun Organic Pastures movies you can see online! Marcy is also the marketing coordinator and executive assistant to the owner of the company, Mark McAfee.


Luis Hernandez, Creamery Manager
Luis Hernandez has been working with Organic Pastures since 2004. He supervises the production staff, works in every aspect of production, and assures quality of products. He is a certified Sampler and Weigher by the State of California, and an Industry Analyst for Appendix N testing. Luis has perfected every job in the creamery, including butter and cream production, bottling, and CIP cleaning. Luis is in charge of making sure your raw dairy products are consistently safe and tasty.


Amanda Hall, Accounts Receivable
Amanda is our Accounts Receivable associate. She is attending University of Phoenix, and is scheduled to graduate in 2009.


Lizbeth Valdez, Accounts Payable
Lizbeth is our Accounts Payable associate. She has been working for Organic Pastures Dairy since 2007.


Carolina Manrique, Sales Associate
Carolina has a very upbeat and energetic attitude, is a multi-tasker, speaks both English and Spanish, loves challenges, and enjoys fulfilling customers' needs. Carolina oversees customer service and incoming sales calls. Carolina says she is "very proud to work for such a family-oriented company."

Josephine, Bovine Associate
Josephine is a sweet Mom and a great milk cow. She and her girlfriends have enjoyed wandering our green pastures. When asked how she likes her life, she gave a big hooves up. "I appreciate never having to rush to a stinky feedlot and stand around on concrete," mooed Jospehine.

Buddy, Bovine Associate
Buddy is a Jersey born and raised in California's San Joaquin Valley. She joined us as a teenager. Since her debut at Organic Pastures Dairy Company, Buddy has given OPDC hundreds of gallons of fresh lovely milk.

Other team members...

OPDC staff
dairy workers

... include mechanics, welders, irrigators, milkers, herdsman, feeders, creamery workers, cheese makers, MIS personnel, Web site managers, and shipping personnel.

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